goodbyejohnny (goodbyejohnny) wrote,

It feels like withdraws

My head is asleep but my body isn't. Ive been lying for hours. My body feels so fucking anxious, and annoyed. Im so tired. i moved from the comfort of a bed to a dirty cold hard ground. I feel like Im going to go crazy. i have to move my arms every 2 seconds. i have to sit up every 4. i have no control. i want to cry. Im going to cry. i want sleep. Someone help. it's a familiar feeling. but it's not that.

Im not sure but i think this is what it feels like when you're going crazy. You have no control. Your body feels foreign. if you don't bite your lip hard enough you could start to cry for no reason.

i'm just going on and on and on and on.... to avoid going back in that room, cause i know it is going to be worse. If I try to go to sleep one more time something terrible is going to happen

"Hes lost control again"

Joy division
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